The background...

The first sperm was given as a gift to Swedish women and RFSU at the celebration party at RFSU the 13th of January 2016 which was the day the Swedish Riksdagen approved the Act.

Spermatogenesis in vitro

The spermatozoon of glass is developed in distinct steps, like the spermatozoon in the testis: First the nucleus with chromatin DNA is formed, and then the head, followed by the tail outgrowth.
The nucleus: A clump of semi-liquid glass is attached to the top of a glassblower rod. The clump is rolled in cobalt salt which colours the hot glass purple which after cooling turns blue. The hot nucleus is shaped by rolling it in a glove.

The head: The nucleus is then dipped into molten glass to add more glass that covers and extends beyond the nucleus. The head is shaped by rolling it in wet old newspapers as shown in the video: http://play.quickchannel.com/qc/?play=17080
The Tail: A second rod is dipped into liquid glass and a ball of new glass is mounted on the head. With help of rotation, gravity and metal pliers the curved tail is formed.
The loop. 

Finally, the tip of the head is heated with a flame of acetylene and a small lump of glass is attached to the head. With a metal pliers,the glass mass is drawn out and bent back to form a loop for the attachment. 

The spermatozoon is thereafter left for 24 hours in room temperature to cool down. 

Design by sperm researcher Ulrik Kvist, 
ANOVA Karolinska University Hospital contact: ulrik.kvist@ki.se 

The glass artist is Poul Jörgensen at Kastlösa Glashytta in Öland, Sweden www.kastlosaglashytta.se